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Northern Karelian pine is used to manufacture cylindered timber. Harsh weather conditions (long winter and short and cool summer) lead to very slow growth of trees, thus having a denser timber structure, compared to the southern breeds and fir. It is less susceptible to deformations and is the best material for the construction of houses.

The cylindering process of timber breeds with the "core" structure, to which pine belongs, allows to cut off the upper, moister and less dense, young timber layer - "sap-wood", which is the most susceptible to decomposition and impact of fungi.

We use timber having natural humidity, that is why the timber reaches the optimum moisture content in proportion to the breadth; at that, internal stresses are minimal, as a result, the timber deformations are minimal. A compensation groove is sawn inside the timber, within which shrinkage fractures are localised, resulting in the uniform shrinkage of wooden structures.

The manufacture of logs is conducted under plant conditions, based on earlier made technological drawings. Each log is marked for subsequent assembly, thus allowing to carry out the erection with minimum time and labour expenditure: a team of 2 - 4 workers is needed for the assembly.

Finished cylindered logs are covered by wood preservative for transportation and storage; the preservative consists of environment-friendly components; the logs do not require further machining.