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Our Company is capable of implementing a design project of your future house. Designing is carried out on the basis of plans, sketches, and photos or in compliance with your preferences.

The project comprises:
  • Storey layouts
  • Foundation plan
  • Facades and a house walls development
  • Log-house parts specifications
  • 3 D house image projecting on the screen
  • Calculation of the volume of the basic materials
  • Cost of designing – starting from LVL 300, VAT included. The cost may be modified subject to a design complexity.
  • When entering into a contract for building of a log-house or a house, the cost of designing is included in the amount of the contract at the rate of 5% of their value.

Log-houses made from cylindered logs

You can order a log-house from cylindered logs of a Karelian pine with diameter 160-220 mm.
The price for 1m2 of the internal area taking into account the delivery (all over Riga and Riga region) and assembling is – from LVL 100 to LVL 180, VAT included, subject to a log diameter. The value of other materials is determined at of the moment of contract conclusion.

Complete set of a log-house comprises:
  • Parts of a log-house treated with antiseptic “Biotex-standard” for transporting and temporary storage
  • Metal fasteners for logs joining
  • Warmth-keeping lagging – a tape made from flax fiber
  • Complete package of technological drawings

Complete sets of houses

Placing a large order it is possible to provide a log-house with additional materials for a complete set:
  • Sawn timber (edged board, non-edged for roofing, flooring, making partitions, a finishing board, etc.)
  • Hydro and steam insulation, heat-insulating materials
  • Roofing materials
  • Millwork and other materials as agreed with a customer.
Value of materials is dependent upon their type and quality, as well as upon current prices as of the moment of entering into a contract.

Transportation and Construction

To provide carriage it is more suitable and cost-effective to use a truck. Cost of a single large cargo truck with a tented body with cargo capacity about 35m3 of a log-house parts made from a cylindered log (subject to diameter) approximately is:
  • up to 1 EUR per 1 km of a run in the territory of Latvia.
Our team of workers is able to go to a building site for assembling a house or a log-house. It is possible that our specialist arrives to make installation supervision. The value of works will be agreed individually.

Terms of Payment

Payment will be effected by progress: prepayment – 50% of the value of an order unit, the remaining amount is payable de facto of operations (shipment) performance stipulated in the contract. Works performance will start from the moment, when financial resources enter the account.