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"Gratia Grupa" Ltd. operates in the Republic of Latvia. Manufacture of structures made of cylindered pine (which grows in Northern Karelia) is one of main directions of our activities: these are dwelling houses, summerhouses, baths, sounders and other timber structures.

The timber from N. Karelia, thanks to the conditions of wood growth, is the best in both Russia and Europe. The woodworking plant is located in the Muezero District of the Republic of Karelia, near the logging sites, thus allowing to select the best timber for our products.

Houses made of cylindered timber have an excellent look and do not require either external or internal finishing. Our clients not only become the owners of houses or baths made of excellent timber; they also save a lot of money.

In accordance with the clients’ wishes, we are able to manufacture a log house separately or a complete house with additional materials (floors, rafters, windows, doors, staircases, roofing), which can be transported in knock-down form by truck, railway or sea transport.

The house sets are supplied complete with all the documentation necessary for the assembly. If necessary, we can send our expert or team of workers to the construction site.